Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race

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About Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race

Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race is an android racing game that was developed by Creative Mobile Games. The game offers visually stunning graphics and a unique playstyle which is what draws most players in.

Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race allows players to explore various levels with realistic car physics and unique levels. Players can drive their favorite sports cars or any other vehicle of their choosing, and try to beat the race. The game also includes customization, allowing you to design the cars the way you like to express your style.


• Race your favorite cars in an immersive 3D world
• Choose from over 50 different cars
• Customize the cars to your liking
• Compete in an array of events such as off-road races, drift challenges, and more
• Connect with friends and race them in head-to-head matches
• Unwind in the open-world with no ruleset
• Challenge yourself in career mode and unlock rewards

How to Download

Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race is available on the Google Play Store and is free to download. Simply open the Play Store, search for Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race, and install to get started!


Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race has received positive reviews from players. Players have lauded the game for its stunning visuals, customization, and the open-world free of ruleset.

How it Works

Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race offers an immersive 3D world to race in and allows you to choose from over 50 different cars to compete in events such as off-road races, drift challenges, and more. Additionally, you can also customize your car and express your style.


Racing Horizon :Unlimited Race is a great game for racing fans. The game offers an immersive 3D world to race in, along with an array of events and the ability to customize your car to express your style. Additionally, with its stunning visuals, open-world environment, and no ruleset, it is sure to be a hit with players.

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