Photonium for macOS
Bringing your photos to your favorite websites, effortlessly

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It's a web browser, with a twist

You have photos.
Maybe they're new, maybe they're old. Maybe you took them with your phone, maybe you took them with a digital camera, maybe you scanned them in.

No matter where they came from, you put all of them into

And now you want them out.

You want them on the web.
Apple's lets you share with Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, sure.

But Pinterest? Ebay? Amazon Prints? Etsy? Craigslist? Wordpress? Shutterfly? Not so much.

Photonium sets them free.
Photonium makes all your photos available to any website that supports drag-and-drop uploading. Just click the icon in Photonium's title bar to hide or show your photos. Make the thumbnails bigger or smaller. View by folder.

Then drag and drop.

Wasn't that easy?

Requires OS X 10.12

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    Drag and drop from the built-in browser

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    Access your favorite websites from the window's title bar

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    Bookmarks, bookmark groups, tabbed browsing, and more

Photonium is not meant to replace your favorite web browser.
Photonium was designed for one express purpose: to be the easiest way to upload photos from to any website. It has all the things you would expect from a basic browser: bookmarks, global and per-tab history, downloads, tabs, tab groups, and URL sharing. And it's really efficient with memory. Matter of fact, you might find yourself using it for more than just uploading photos to websites. Don't worry. We won't tell your other browser.