Photonium Access for macOS
Your Photos library, available in one click

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Little widget, huge convenience

Just $4.99



You have photos

Maybe they're new, maybe they're old. Maybe you took them with your phone, maybe you took them with a digital camera, maybe you scanned them in.

No matter where they came from, you put all of them into

And now you want them out.

You want them somewhere else

Apple's lets you drag files in. But you can't drag and drop them directly into another application.

Further, in order to access your Photos library, you have to have Photos running.

Photonium Access sets them free

Photonium Access allows you to access your entire library whenever you need it. Just click the Photonium Access menubar widget to display your library. Make the thumbnails bigger or smaller. View by folder. You can even preview video files.

When you find the image or video you want, drag and drop it into whatever application you want it in: Pages, Keynote, Word, PowerPoint, Safari, Affinity Designer, Creative Suite, and any application that accepts drag and drop.

Wasn't that easy?

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Requires macOS 10.12
macOS 10.15 Catalina is recommended