Mi Libro Mágico – ¡Aprendamos

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About “Mi Libro Mágico – ¡Aprendamos”

“Mi Libro Mágico – ¡Aprendamos” is an Android educational App developed by Gioca Studio. It is designed to help children between ages 3- 8 years old to get familiar with basic language and math skills while having fun.


  • Interactive Learning: Children have the chance to take part in numerous interactive activities and games that increase their knowledge and help them to expand their insights.
  • Easy to Use: Mi Libro Mágico is easy to use for both children and parents. It includes intuitive menus and options to access different activities.
  • Motivational Awards: Winning awards including stars and coins is a great motivation to successfully complete activities.
  • Unlockables: As children complete activities and win awards, content unlocks to add more challenges and knowledge.
  • Enjoyable Tasks: Through engaging tasks and fun animations, children will have a pleasant time while learning.

How To Download

Mi Libro Mágico – ¡Aprendamos” can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is free and can be downloaded easily and quickly with just a few taps.


“Mi Libro Mágico – ¡Aprendamos” has earned a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play Store. Not only is it loved by parents and children alike, but many reviewers have also mentioned how their experience has been hassle-free.

How It Works

Once the App is downloaded and installed, children can begin to use it. The App includes two main sections:

  • Languages: which includes Spanish and English.
  • Math: an astonishing variety of math activities.

In both categories, there is a selection of educational activities from which parents can choose from. They can select activities depending on the age and skill level of their children.


“Mi Libro Mágico – ¡Aprendamos” is a fantastic Android App that helps children of different ages and skill levels to learn in an engaging and fun way. It is highly recommended for parents who are looking for an App that will help their children to learn language and math in their own language.

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