Karim Juega Tiles hop music

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About “Karim Juega Tiles Hop Music”

Karim Juega Tiles Hop Music is a fun and entertaining music game developed by Karim and released for android phones and tablets. Players must tap and drag tiles of music beats in order to keep the rhythm and earn points. The game is not just about music and rhythm, but also about overcoming obstacles and completing levels to unlock new music beats and levels.


  • Enjoy a wide selection of music beats
  • Get introduced to new musical genres
  • Test your endurance and reflexes in levels and obstacles
  • Fun and casual game experience
  • Compete against players for high scores

How To Download

Karim Juega Tiles Hop Music is available to download in the Google Play Store and can also be found on other android app stores. Players can install and play the game by following the instructions on the app store page.


Karim Juega Tiles Hop Music has been generally well received by reviewers and players alike. The game has been praised for its visuals, control scheme and selection of music beats. It has also been praised for its entertaining and casual game experience.

How It Works

Karim Juega Tiles Hop Music is a simple game to play. Players begin by tapping and dragging tiles of music beats in order to keep the rhythm and succeed in levels and obstacles. Players are rewarded with points for every music beat they complete and every level they unlock. The game also includes a fairness system which ensures that all players get an equitable chance to succeed.


Karim Juega Tiles Hop Music is a entertaining and fun game for players to enjoy. The game has a selection of different music genres, visual effects and levels. Players have the chance to use their reflexes and skill to unlock levels, collect points and overcome obstacles. This game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and music enjoyment.

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