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About “Happy Summer”

Happy Summer is an Android app that brings summer vibes to your device. The app includes beautiful images, an integrated radio station of summer-themed music, and additional features for sharing your summer vibes with friends.


Happy Summer includes the following features:

  • A large selection of high-resolution summer-themed images.
  • An integrated summer music radio station.
  • The ability to stylize the images with your own choices of text, frames, and stickers.
  • The ability to share your images with friends through the app.
  • The ability to download all the images for free.

How to download

Happy Summer is available to download from the Google Play Store.


Reception to the app has been largely positive. Users have praised its selection of summer-themed images and its easy-to-use editor.

How it works

Using the app is simple. After downloading the app, you can browse through the selection of images and select one to edit. Then, you can customize the image with your own text, frames, and stickers. You can then share the image with friends through Happy Summer or download the image to your device.


Happy Summer is a great way to bring summer vibes to your device. Its selection of images, integrated radio station, and easy-to-use editor make it easy to capture and share summer memories with friends.

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