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About Dr. Janggi

Dr. Janggi is an android app developed by tegoka, that lets you play the Korean board game, Janggi (also known as Korean Chess).


  • Play against computer of different levels
  • Set game configurations like Handicap, Timing, and Difficulty
  • Keep track of your game history and rating
  • Multiplayer Mode – Play against other players online
  • In-game chat
  • Understand the mechanics of the game with the “Hints” feature

How to download

Dr. Janggi is available for free on the Google Play Store. Download it directly from the Play Store by searching “Dr. Janggi” or directly from this link.


Dr. Janggi has been well-received by the users and has a rating of almost 4.5 stars on the Play Store. Most users appreciate its simple UI and intuitive interface.

How it works

Dr. Janggi is a turn-based game, and the objective is to catch the opponent’s general (king) while protecting your own general. Each piece has a different movement pattern and the pieces cannot occupy the same space. With the help of the “Hints” button, users can easily learn and understand the game rules.


Dr. Janggi is an excellent app for anyone who is looking to play the Korean boardgame, Janggi. With a variety of features and options, it provides an engaging and fun experience for all the players. Highly recommended for Janggi fans!

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