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About “DOP 4: Draw One Part”

“DOP 4: Draw One Part” is an Android puzzle game for all ages. It is developed by Xyz mobile, and released on February 18, 2021. It has wonderful drawings and animations and the goal of the game is to join the broken pieces of an image together. Players need to solve the puzzle in one part and use their creativity and skill to complete the puzzles.


The game has some incredible features that will make the game more enjoyable and challenging for the players:

  • Wide Variety of Puzzles: DOP 4 includes more than 500 puzzles to solve with levels that range from beginner to expert.
  • Beautiful Graphics: Players will be able to enjoy beautiful and detailed graphics that are designed with great attention to detail.
  • Daily Challenges: Players can compete in daily challenges to test and improve their puzzle-solving skills.
  • Rewards: Players can earn rewards in the game when they complete levels or achievements.
  • Social Media Sharing: Players can share their progress with friends on social media platforms.

How to Download

“DOP 4: Draw One Part” can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is absolutely free to download and install.


The reviews of “DOP 4: Draw One Part” have been generally positive. Players especially enjoy the beautiful graphics and the wide range of puzzles available. They also appreciate the rewards that can be earned in the game.

How it Works

In “DOP 4: Draw One Part”, players need to join the broken pieces of a drawing together to create the completed image. Players can choose from a wide range of levels and then they can drag the pieces into the correct places. They must be careful not to put the pieces in the wrong places. If they do, they will have to start the puzzle over again.


“DOP 4: Draw One Part” is a great puzzle game for all ages. It has wonderful graphics and a wide selection of puzzles to choose from. Players can challenge themselves in daily challenges, collect rewards and share their progress on social media. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and challenging game, “DOP 4: Draw One Part” is definitely worth a try.

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