Chai’s Play-Parenting & Play

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Chai’s Play—Parenting & Play

About “Chai’s Play—Parenting & Play”

Chai’s Play—Parenting & Play is a kid-friendly, interactive mobile game app developed by Chai’s Play Games.
The app has been designed to encourage parents to explore different play ideas that support learning and development, while providing a fun and engaging experience for the entire family.


  • Fun, age-appropriate activities for kids and parents promoting active playtime for all ages.
  • An extensive library of over 15+ learning games and activities.
  • Beautiful, handcrafted design with captivating animations, sound effects and music.
  • Accessible on both Android and iOS.
  • Free updates regularly with new activities and features.

How to Download

Chai’s Play—Parenting & Play can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
All you need to do is search for the app, select it and then click install.
The download process should take less than a minute and you will be able to start exploring play activities for you and your family.


Chai’s Play—Parenting & Play has been met with overwhelming positive reviews from both parents and kids.
It is most often praised for its unique and engaging missions, how much playtime it sparks between family members, and for the creative animations and sound effects. Additionally, the app has seen an average rating of 4.7 stars from all around the world.

How it works

Chai’s Play—Parenting & Play works by providing users with a library of 15+ engaging activities to explore throughout the game.
Activities include sorting, matching, counting and guessing, as well as art activities, science experiments and more.
The app also provides in-game tips and advice to help parents select activities and have even more fun with their children.


Chai’s Play—Parenting & Play is the perfect app to provide parents and children with some quality playtime.
It is a well-designed and thought-out educational game packed with lots of fun, age appropriate activities and missions.
So, why not take a few minutes and download this wonderful app today – your family and kids are sure to love it!

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