Capsa Susun – Dragon Capsa – Poker online

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Capsa Susun – Dragon Capsa – Poker Online

About “Capsa Susun – Dragon Capsa – Poker online”

Capsa Susun – Dragon Capsa – Poker online is a free and popular multiplayer Chinese Poker game for Android that has been recently launched. This fast-paced and exciting game will have you and your friends playing for hours. Play against real people from around the world and chat with your friends in real-time.


The Capsa Susun – Dragon Capsa – Poker online app includes the following features:

  • Multiplayer Poker – Challenge your friends to a game of poker and enjoy the social aspects of the game!
  • Chat – Chat with players in real-time during a game or when you’re ready to join a game.
  • Practice – Test and improve your skills in practice mode.
  • Promotions – Take advantage of promotions, bonuses and rewards.

How to Download

Capsa Susun – Dragon Capsa – Poker online can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Just search for the app and install it. Once installed, the app will open and you will be ready to start playing.


The reviews of Capsa Susun – Dragon Capsa – Poker online are generally positive. Players have praised the game for its easy-to-understand rules, intense gameplay, and attractive graphics.

How it Works

The game is played with an international deck of 52 cards, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players. Each player is dealt 13 cards and the aim is to make 3 ‘sets’ and the highest ranking ‘hand’ of cards. After each round, each player calculates their score and the player with the highest score after 4 rounds is the winner.


In conclusion, Capsa Susun – Dragon Capsa – Poker online is a fun and exciting multiplayer game that is easy to learn, but keeps you hooked for hours. With online battles against real opponents, chat rooms, and rewards, this game provides a great gaming experience for all.

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