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Remember when people were predicting the future of computing? All the sci-fi stuff like Disney's "Tomorrowland" and Omni magazine? They had all sorts of ideas about the future. Some came to pass, most didn't. But the common theme was that computers were supposed to make our lives easier because computers were supposed to be smart.

But somewhere on the road to Siri and Alexa and "Ok Google", we forgot that people still need to interact with their computers. We still need to make them do stuff. No one's computer is reading their brain and automatically performing the tasks for them. (At least not yet.)

Sadly, there still exists many chasms between the digital pieces and parts that we interact with every day. To accomplish even rather mundane tasks, we need to jump from one to the next to the next and back again. So a typical goal is achieved by jumping through hoops with names like "export", "import", "save as", and "copy-paste". This is — to use a word I discourage my kids from using — stupid.
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Yes, it's stupid. It's stupid that some common goals can take multiple applications. It's stupid that it can take dozens of steps to accomplish something that should be so simple. How much time do we waste on these tasks? And why have we become so accepting of it?

This is why Minder Softworks was started. We build applications across the chasms. We look at common tasks and make them easier. We make your time more productive by eliminating needless steps. We help you make sense of the information you have and help you use it in a more productive way. In short, Minder Softworks was started to eliminate the friction in your computing life.

We hope you enjoy what we've already created. And we have so much more to create for you.

— Michael LaMorte, Minder Softworks' Head Dude