Your home. Your business. Your collections. Your stuff.

MYStuff is the most flexible inventory program around

Save money with warranty claims

Make insurance claims in a snap

Save time

These screencasts were recorded for the 1.4 version of MYStuff. We're recording new ones to show the new interface and abilities of MYStuff 1.5, but the videos below are still relevant.

Our users say:

"I evaluated MYStuff along with 3 other home inventory programs. MYStuff was the only one that does everything I want, and has a nice Mac interface to boot."
— J. Blanton

"Thanks for the great work on MYStuff. It does more than just look pretty. I bought it because it's so full-featured and easy-to-use."
— P. Patterson

"It's like iTunes for my stuff. Cool!"
— B. Reichert

"excellent customer support, flexible, comprehensive and
intuitive... Highly recommend!”

— user review,

"more and more it's becoming a ‘daily/hourly use’-tool for me in unanticipated ways.”
— W. Billing

"Frankly, I’m impressed that MYStuff does so much.”
— Jeffrey Mincey,

Tom's Budget Software Pick
— Tom Nelson,

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