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Ridiculously thorough inventory... for all your stuff

What kind of stuff? Any kind of stuff. More than just a home inventory program, MYStuff is a flexible stuff inventory program. Use it to inventory whatever you want: your home, your business, your wine cellar, or even your extensive collection of action figures. Because MYStuff is so flexible, you are in control of how you want to organize your information.
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Requires OS X 10.7
Fully-functional for 30 days

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Data entry simplified

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No one wants to spend days entering information. That’s why MYStuff was designed with a variety of different ways of entering information quickly and easily.
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Use a scanner to scan to MYInbox.

More than just a “Print to PDF” option, MYStuff’s exclusive MYInbox is a true watched folder that allows you to use any scanner to quickly turn scans into new records. Use a flatbed scanner, a Fujitsu ScanSnap, or even a networked multifunction center.
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Use barcodes for fast cataloging.

Use your iSight to scan barcodes, manually enter the UPC number, or use a handheld scanner for even faster cataloging. Whether it’s one barcode or 200, MYStuff will look up the information on Amazon to create new records for you. It will import images, create categories, enter manufacturer and model names, fill in the current price as the replacement cost, and more.
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Import from CSV files.

Many people start out using a spreadsheet to keep track of their data. Export that data as a CSV file, and MYStuff will import it quickly, saving countless hours of data re-entry.
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FileFinder helps you find manuals and photos online.

Almost everything has a stock photo of it available online. And user manuals are almost always available as PDFs. MYStuff’s exclusive FileFinder uses information you’ve already entered, like manufacturer and model, to search for images and manuals. Save an image with drag and drop. Save a manual with a single click.
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Browse and use and iPhoto libraries.

Another MYStuff exclusive feature, only MYStuff allows you to browse and use your and iPhoto libraries from within the application. Photograph all your items, import them from your camera, and quickly use those photos from within MYStuff. Just drag and drop.
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Use your iSight or USB webcam to take photos.

If you have an iSight, use it to snap a photo. Or if your Mac doesn’t have an iSight, use a connected USB webcam. Nothing could be easier.
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Built-in web browser with 1-click convenience.

MYStuff has a built-in WebKit-based web browser that allows you to build your database as you shop and surf online. Use the built-in browser to do all your shopping, and turn a web-receipt into a new record with one click. Or use the built-in browser to search for instructions on how to repair or modify something, and save those instructions to an existing record with a click.
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Take advantage of drag and drop simplicity.

MYStuff has been engineered to make the most use from drag and drop simplicity. Photos, receipts, manuals, and more can simply be drag-and-dropped where you need them to make a new record, make a hundred new records, or to add files to an existing record.

Capture more

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Save manufacturer & vendor info.

As important as when you purchased an item is who made it at where you purchased it. MYStuff saves all the important information about manufacturers and vendors in case you need it later.
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Save and view any kind of file.

As you accumulate more information about something, add it to MYStuff. Instructions, manuals, how-to videos, service records, emails to customer service, and more can all be added to a MYStuff record. MYStuff supports any kind of file: PDF, image, video, audio, spreadsheet, or plan text. MYStuff also has a built-in file viewer which allows viewing the files associated with your record.
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Use custom fields for custom data.

We know that we can’t account for every possible bit of information you might need to keep track of. That’s why every item allows you to create custom data fields, and every category allows you to create custom fields for all items in that category.
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Warranties save you money.

MYStuff keeps track of the manufacturer’s warranty, showing you how much time you have left before it expires. It also keeps track of any extended warranty you may have purchased. And if your credit card offers an automatic warranty extension, MYStuff will add it for you.

Use MYStuff for:

Inventory & Record-keeping
  • Home inventory
  • Business inventory
  • Rental property records
  • Car & motorcycle records
  • Computer hardware & software
  • Home theater equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Wine cellar
  • Figurines
  • Action figures
  • Comic books
  • Watches
  • Model railroad
  • Antiques
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