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No Frills Web Browsing

While other web browsers are becoming more complex, Cardinal goes the opposite direction: simplicity. Cardinal has only the essentials:

• Tabbed browsing
• Per-tab history
• URL sharing
• History
• Bookmarks
• Open bookmark groups in tabs
• Downloads
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Cardinal is currently in open beta, and will be adding the following features in upcoming releases:

• Configuration options
• Popup blocking
• Enable/disable Flash on a per-tab basis
• Private browsing

Powered by CardinalKit

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Cardinal is the face of CardinalKit, a embedded web browser framework.

CardinalKit uses WebKit as the rendering engine, and has all the major features that users expect from a web browser experience. It was designed to allow faster creation of macOS applications that feature a built-in web browser and tight integration between web browser and other features of the application.

MYStuff Pro will be the first Minder Softworks application to feature CardinalKit, with other applications to follow.

If you are a developer and are interested in integrating CardinalKit in your application,
drop us a line.
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